What Does Melvin Valkner Bring to the Table?

I exclusively offer something very few can offer.

You see, I’ve worked in private industry for many years in diverse situations: manufacturing, technology, healthcare and service industries. The road was often difficult as I stepped into many chaotic situations. In fact, that was pretty much what I expected when walking into a new assignment. Why wouldn’t it be?

Staffs quit, normally with notice but sometimes on a spur of the moment. Regardless it often leaves the company in an awkward situation especially if you can’t straightaway find a replacement.

And then you better hope you have the right replacement or you will be going through the hiring process earlier than imagined or thought.

Not only can I help you with your immediate needs, but I can do much more. Take a minute to review the other services I can provide such as implementing a Quality/Learning Management System (QLMS) and what that entails.

I am happy to help you.