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Behind in your taxes? I can help you! I have software that can file several years of past due tax returns. Give me a call today at 830-433-7450 for old-fashioned, personal service call.

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Oftentimes processes and functions are clouded and just need some clarity. With many years in private industry as CFO, Quality Director and VP of Operations Melvin Valkner has tools and experience to help you with key issues.

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Give your employees morale a chance to skyrocket. Click here to see Conformance Portal’s Employee Engagement Software that delivers online company-based training and competence verification for any employee, 24/7 communications (much like an internal Facebook capable of involving the President, CFO, VP of Operations, Quality, Safety, HR and individual departments), document control, corrective action tracking, maintenance tracking, and much more.

Conformance Portal is powerful enough to be ISO compliant yet easily maintained by your non-IT staff. Employee competence can be regularly tested and results quickly tracked. Employees can log in from home or on their smart phones. Conformance Portal tracks testing on new processes before the processes are implemented.

Client Results Will Vary But...One client reduced customer returns for yearly savings of $144,000; gained annual scrap savings of $160,000; cut employee turnover by 40% and morale went up as a profit sharing plan was started!

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