Competence Leads to Compliance

We were leaving money on the table. Lots of it. And we had a very limited budget.

When I became Quality Director at an ISO-Certified company I quickly realized we lacked employee training aligned with our work instructions and best business practices. And you know what they say, "If you can't prove it, then it didn't happen."

Not finding what I was looking for I called an old IT friend for help. His solution was remarkable.

You see, there are outstanding accounting/enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software packages. (Good luck getting them customized for your business at an affordable price.)

But as good as they are, they leave out critical benefits. The latest technology has changed all that. And there is no longer a need to pay exorbitant fees and wait forever for your customized request.

His software solution, Conformance Portal, was all-encompassing with benefits far exceeding my expectations:

  • Employee safety with verification of everyone's involvement
  • Employee training and competency verification for production and sales
  • Company-wide and inter-department communication for single, multiple and remote locations 24/7 (like an internal Facebook)
  • Quality improvement protocols leading to increased customer/sales demand
  • Staff compliance by ensuring training was performed before implementation of new operating procedures
  • Document control yet providing 24/7 access to forms and work instructions
  • Corrective Action tracking of how many, who and what type of product/service deficiencies
  • Maintenance tracking of both daily tickets and preventive, repair cost, who did it, when, which equipment
  • Much more, virtually limitless procedures set up in minutes not days or weeks

The results were astounding. We had employees logging in from home on their own time learning how to do their job better evidenced by passed quizzes. I'm not kidding. We actually had to tell them to slow down as we also needed to see their hands-on proof of competency, which Conformance Portal also tracked. Of course, the better their job performance the quicker their promotion.

Does that sound complicated especially for a small business?

Now I am now a partner in Conformance Portal. Believe me, we've made it simple. 

Conformance Portal takes advantage of the latest technology to offer you ISO-compliant modular “tools” that will help you get control of the rest of your business. And best of all, even though it aligns with ISO best business practices, it’s affordable and easy for your staff to make changes and administer.

Even if your firm is not ISO Certified but you want to take your business to a higher level, call 830-433-7450 today to see for yourself Conformance Portal's amazing power and simplicity. Also ask about a "Scorecard Genie" to measure and monitor vital aspects of your business.

 “The main goal of quality improvement is improved profitability. Greater quality reduces rework and material costs. It also increases customer satisfaction because of the quality level itself and faster deliveries, thereby increasing demand for the company’s products.” Quality Magazine